Nicknames: Susie

First came to Wirraway in: 2010 (Year 7)

Worked at Wirraway since: April 2016

Favourite horse: Dyno because I own him

Favourite Colour: Blue

Favourite author: I like too Many!

Favourite Music: Again, I like too many!

What weird food combinations do you really enjoy: I’ve always wanted to try cooked onion with peaches and ice cream. I have tried ice cream, tomato sauce and orange juice

In your spare time you will most likely be: Riding a horse, reading a book, watching a movie or spending time with friends and family

Favourite sporting team: Don’t really have one

Favourite Bible verse: Psalm 30:5

Best thing you have learnt about God: He loves me and forgives me no matter how big and bad my mistakes are. He is the worlds greatest Listener and I can go to Him about anything.