Leaders & Volunteers

Bunkhouse LeaderThis page is designed for our Bunkhouse Leaders and older volunteers – it’s full of useful stuff about leading, bibles studies, etc. Send us an email if you can think of any links / resources that might be helpful for other leaders.

1. Obtaining a Police Clearance Certificate

  • A police certificate is essential for Bunkhouse Leaders and is a pre-requisite according to our child protection policy. To obtain a police clearance certificate for bunkhouse leading at Wirraway please contact our office: [email protected] or 0885366063

2. Bunkhouse Discussions

  • Wirraway staff will more often than not, provide you with a discussion outline prior to or on the first day of camp. This will be a guide for your discussions and how they link into the talks for the whole week
  • These are a big part of our leader training seminar at our TRAINING CAMP held each year in December (for 15+ years)

3. Bible Studies to ponder and give you preparation.

Check out these studies on the letter to the Ephesians:

The Busy Bloke's Survival GuideThe Busy Girl's Survival Guide









5. Recommended Books

  • THE BIBLE – no surprises there I imagine… a good study bible is a great start – a good modern translation like the NIV (New International Version) bible – there’s notes along side to help you understand it – these can be bought at a good christian book shop or through your church for a reasonable price (anywhere from $20 up to $70 if you want a fancy leather one!). There’s plenty of online versions – like Bible Gateway.
  • There are youth bibles, study bibles, life application bibles – many different versions depending on what you’re after. There’s one called the ESV (English Standard Version) that is quite good too- you can check out the ESV study bible here.
  • For campers at Wirraway, we usually recommend they start with the New Testament, GOOD NEWS Bible translation that we sell at our snack bar for the price of a chocolate bar. We also recommend that new Christians start with Mark which is quite easy to read and presents the story of Jesus in a shorter format.
  • John Dickson books – some really useful stuff for youth here.
  • How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth – by Gordon Fee, Douglas Stuart.
  • The Essential Jesus – read it in a PDF file here.