Wirraway Holiday Camps (Musters) run throughout every school holidays and are designed for young people starting at age 10 and up. Age ranges for our camps usually include 10-12 years, 12-15 years, and 13-18.

Activities include: Horse Riding, Rock Climbing, Low Ropes Course, Sheep Mustering, Archery, Mini Golf, 8-ball, Swimming in the pool (Hotter Months) Table Tennis, Foosball, concerts, hikes, team games…. and a whole lot more!


Bunkhouse Leaders

Group on a Holiday Muster

Our own trained volunteer Bunkhouse Leaders are allocated to every room and are there to lead the group for discussions and encourage and support the group throughout the week. These people are typically a few years older than the campers. They attend a leadership training camp, have a current police clearance and reference, and are great fun, friendly people!


Being a very important part of our camp, the food is of course, fantastic. We have a cook that prepares spectacular meals each day – we have a hot breakfast every morning which can include cheese on toast, french toast, spaghetti and scrambled eggs. Lunches include salad rolls, baked potatoes, hamburgers, tacos, fish fingers and salads. Dinner’s include apricot chicken, corned beef, vegetables, roast beef, lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise, beef strogonoff and shepherds pie. We do cater for most special dietary needs, but be sure to contact the cook before the camp starts to organise an alternative for the meals affected. Any dietary needs or food allergies must also be written on the application form. Vegetarians are fully catered for.


Knowing and following Jesus Christ is something that the Staff at Wirraway take very seriously. We would hope that as we follow Jesus in our lives that it would be reflected, not only in the talks that are presented, but that the love of Jesus is evident throughout the whole time that a camper walks on site to the time they leave.

How to book

You can book for a Muster by either calling (08) 85366063, or book even faster by requesting a booking online.

What to bring to camp

Click here to download a PDF list outlining what to bring to Wirraway – you might also like to bring a dress up costume for for our ‘Banquet’ and ‘Concert’ at the last night of camp, you will be notified of the theme in the letter once your booked in!


Prices for each muster are listed with the camp dates on our page here.

Further information

  • People with an EPI PEN (for anaphylaxis) can bring an emergency action plan with them to camp – please download the following form: CLICK HERE
  • People with ASTHMA can bring an emergency action plan with them to camp – contact your GP or enquire at the Asthma Council

Please note that Wirraway is a NUT-FREE campsite and campers with nut products may have them confiscated until the end of camp. This is to protect some children who unfortunately have severe allergies to these items.

Two girls enjoy a balancing game

Campers are also requested to leave all technology at home including; iPods, Mp3 players, iPads, tablets, Laptop computers and the like. We also request that mobile phones are not brought onto site, if campers need to contact parents/guardians they can request this with staff and use the Wirraway phone.  If any technology including mobiles are brought to camp we will remove them from campers and secure them until camp ends.