Way back in 1974, Glen and Jenny Jolly generously made the original donation of the land and first buildings to Wirraway Homestead Limited, which kicked off the whole project. All the people who have been blessed through the relationships forged at Wirraway, fun they had , and the awareness of God and His working in this world that they discovered at the campsite, can be grateful to them for this gift. Until recently Glen and Jenny kept up their interest in Wirraway through regular visits and involvement on the Board. We are all really thankful for their great contributions and encouragement over the years.

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Sadly missed: Glen Jolly 1934-2011


Glen and Jenny JollyGlen and Jenny Jolly were involved from the very beginnings of Wirraway Homestead. In 1975 they felt directed by God to use some of their inheritance to set up a residential campsite where young people would find out about having a faith in Jesus. Both Glen and Jenny were involved in picking the site where Wirraway now stands, and generously gave the initial donation which allowed Wirraway to come into being. From its conception Glen was involved in many practical ways, sourcing materials and particularly helping with buildings. Along with Jenny, Glen served on the Wirraway Board until very recently, when he retired through ill health. Glen and Jenny have been supportive of Wirraway in every way throughout its history, including attending every significant event. Glen always expressed that he was thankful to God for providing them with the chance to be involved in such a wonderful enterprise. Always a humble man, generous and kind, and with a love for his family and friends, Glen will be sadly missed by all who knew him. The Board and Staff at Wirraway recognise the very important role he played in the development of Wirraway, and send their love and prayers to his wife, Jenny, and his family.