What are our beliefs?add_toon_info

Well, to put it simply, all the staff at Wirraway have a belief in Jesus
as the Son of God. Jesus was a man that lived on this earth just over 2000 years ago and is our link to our creator and is the key to finding what life is all about. Because of our faith, it flows through everything we do, the fun we have, the love we share and the care we have for people.


What does that mean for School’s that attend Wirraway?

As part of the School camp program, staff will give a 10-15 minute talk once a day that gives insight into values that have helped them in life, these talks also include stories about how faith in God has made a difference for them.


What about School add_toon_info 2Holiday Camps (Musters)?

Well, because we know God personally and are excited at what He is doing in our lives, our staff and volunteer bunkhouse leaders will often share stories and have group discussions that surround our faith in God. If this is something you would like to know more about then a Muster is a great opportunity to hear how Jesus would love a friendship with you.