Frequently Asked Questions at Wirraway:

What do I bring to camp?

Sleeping bag, pillow &/or pillowcase, torch, hat, sunscreen, towel/soap and other personal items, long pants and a sleeved shirt for horse riding, bathers in warm weather, raincoat/gum boots for wet weather. You can print out the following PDF file outlining

What to Bring to Wirraway.

What does the snack bar sell?

Sweets, chocolates, chips, drinks, lollies, badges and magnets & bibles. During some school camps we only sell badges and magnets depending on whether the school permits it. There is a daily limit that applies to any drinks or lollies!

When is the snack bar open?

Once daily, usually after lunch (around 2pm) for around half an hour.

What’s for dinner?

Our menu is specifically designed to suit the age group of Wirraway campers. Dinners can include  shepherds pie, lasagne, spaghetti bolognaise, roast, corned beef, apricot chicken, beef strogonoff, etc with vegetables and/or salad to suit. Lunches can include hamburgers, salad rolls, baked potatoes, tacos, fish fingers, etc. (one main course is offered each meal- not a choice!).  We also serve desserts  (or soup in winter) with both lunch and  dinner and offer a simple cooked breakfast in addition to cereal, toast and juice. If you have specific dietary needs (ie allergies, vegetarian etc), or would like more information please contact us before the camp.

Which horse can I ride?

You’ll find out just before you ride. The instructor will assess the group and choose horses appropriate to each camper – you can’t always have the one you like the look of!

When can I book for a school holiday Muster?

Wirraway runs school holiday camps (Musters) throughout every school holidays: December/January, April, July and October. Bookings usually open one term in advance. Please check when “Bookings Open” and “How Bookings Work” on the Camp Dates page for more information.

What does the word Wirraway mean?

Wirraway comes from an aboriginal word meaning “challenge”.

Why the bird as your logo?

It’s a wedge-tailed eagle that we see around here from time to time… it reminds us of a passage in the Bible – Isaiah chapter 40 verse 31.

Who works at Wirraway?

Wirraway staff are involved throughout the daily programme and are qualified and experienced in their area, such as instructing and supervising in rock climbing, horse riding, archery, low ropes course, swimming, trampolining, Sheep Herding, Initiatives and Bush Walking. All of our staff have senior first aid qualifications. Wirraway is also a training ground for a Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation. Horse instructors at Wirraway are accredited (or in training) with Horse Safety Australia.

What happens if I need first aid or medical treatment on camp?

Staff at Wirraway are qualified in senior first aid. Any important medical issues should be indicated on the camper’s application form, where there is space to provide details about any medication and/or emergency information. Please call if you need to talk about any concerns you may have in this area. There are two medical clinics, a hospital and an ambulance service nearby in Strathalbyn (10mins away).

How much riding do you do?

Each camp is separated into activity groups that rotate horse riding with the other activities offered (rock climbing, archery etc.). Group sizes and the activities offered can depend on the total number of campers and the length of camp but generally speaking riding will be offered for one double session on a two day camp and once per each full day for our school holiday Musters. Weather conditions can sometimes affect the running of activities although we have an excellent indoor riding arena in which we can ride rain or shine.

How old do you have to be to come to Wirraway?

Wirraway is for campers 10 years and up. The majority of our camps are school camps and school holiday programmes called “Musters”. Musters are for a particular age range (ie. 10-12 year olds or 12-14 year olds). You can find out about upcoming Musters here.

How long has Wirraway been going?

Wirraway started in 1975 – you can read all about our story here.

Who can I speak to about more details?

You can contact us on (08) 8536 6063 and speak to one of our staff or contact us here via an email.