Nicknames: Matt, Matty, Shilza, Shilcat

First came to Wirraway in: April 2003

Worked at Wirraway since: 2014

Favourite horse: Amber

Favourite Colour: Royal Blue

Favourite author: I read to many autobiographies. If I had to pick one author I would chose Nicholas Sparks or Wilbur Smith

Favourite Music: Musicals, Country

What weird food combinations do you really enjoy: Vegemite and peanut butter sandwiches or vegemite and lettuce sandwiches

In your spare time you will most likely be: Watching movies or TV shows. Planning my next holiday

Favourite sporting team: Geelong Cats

Favourite Bible verse: 1 John 4:4 or 2 Timothy 1:7

Best thing you have learnt about God: That I am his creation, and that my life matters to Him